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  1.  Sat, May 25th

    We are open until 2pm today for Plumb Alley Day.

     Food & Drinks 1
    Abingdon Farmers Market
  2.  Sat, May 25th

    Today is National Wine Day! Did you know we have...

     Food & Drinks 1
    Moon Dog Brick Oven of Abingdon
  3.  Sat, May 25th

    Make sure to stop by Plumb Alley Day at buy...

     Family & Education 1
    Washington County Public Library
  4.  Fri, May 24th

    Shannan Miller performs My Banner and Peace in the gospel/inspira...

     Family & Education 2
    Virginia Highlands Community College
  5.  Fri, May 24th

    Today is Officer Adam Heaths last day. He has been...

     Civic & Government 15
    Abingdon, Virginia Police Department
  6.  Fri, May 24th

    Tell us what you think of our new graphics on

     Civic & Government 25
    Abingdon, Virginia Police Department
  7.  Fri, May 24th

    Watch this LIVE video for the change happening at the

     Civic & Government 25
    Abingdon, Virginia Police Department
  8.  Fri, May 24th

    Thank you Auburn Middle School for spending part of your

     Family & Education, Arts & Culture 3
    Abingdon Muster Grounds
  9.  Fri, May 24th

    Blueberry crisp with graham crunch and cheesecake mousse.

     Food & Drinks 3
    Anthony's Desserts
  10.  Fri, May 24th

    DYK were pet friendly? Bring in your pup and well...

     Arts & Culture 3
    Southwest Virginia Cultural Center & Marketplace
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